General Exam

So I successfully upgraded my Ham license on June 5 2018. However I have been busy and haven’t updated my site! I am excited and actually spent time on the radio listening and noticed I need to upgrade to Extra… its true …. you want general and get local and want to work DX get
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Raspberry PI Projects

So I have a few Raspberry PI Projects and some in the works PI-3 B Projects —————– ALLSTAR Node PI 0W Projects ————— Jumbospot Hotspot Zumspot Hotspot UNIFI Ctrl Server for AP Empty Raspberry pi’s waiting for projects Pi-3 B+ Pi-3 B 2X PI 0 PI 0W

Domain Transfer Complete!

So it took a few days…by days I mean almost a week… but all said and done I transfered my hosting and my domain name… I was able to set the NS for the new host on the old website in the meantime which worked well. my 3ed party email server didn’t change so I
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General Exam Here I come

So I will be taking the General Exam next week… I have been studying and reviewing and I feel I am ready… There are some areas that I can improve on and review so I am trying to get those… In the meantime I have my radio and antenna I am going to be playing
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