TYT MD-390

So I had gotten the MD-390 for Xmas and it was a nice little radio but I saw my self carrying around 2 radios….So I opted to return it and get the TYT MD-2017. We will see how this one works out!


So I got my callsign today! KN4IAS and I will keep this callsign until I go to Guam and then I have the intentions of getting a new call in Guam. and keep it!

Amateur Radio

so I have decided to do something that my grandpa had challenged me to do before he passed away… he passed away last year but with my busy life I finally had a chance to take him on his offer.   I found a class in Chesapeake W4CAR. I am very excited to take this
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Onto my next GIG. Amazon Reviewer

So if anyone reads this…the might of known I was into Dubli, Then I wento into Uber and well now I am into Amazon Reviews.   What is that you might ask? Well I get products for free or at a discount in exchange for my unbiased opinions. I am happy!