Author: Shane

I am a nerd who enjoys Technology and Radio Communications. After over 15 years of tinkering I can finally say I am ahead of the game! I enjoy what I do and enjoy all my projects!

18W Power Delivery Wall Charger

I was lucky enough to try out the Aukey PA-Y18. Overview: It charges my Cellphone and Nintendo Switch with no problems. Size: 1.2″X1.3″X1.4″ Ports: 1-USB C Input: 100-240V~.5A 50/60HzOutput: Power Delivery 18W 5V 3A/9V 2A/ 12V 1.5A PROS: -The prongs fold in to make for easy storage. -I like how small it is as I
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Radio Reference AH2G Setup

So my Raspberry Pi 3 is quite busy… it is the following: Main FT-8 / JT-65 rig Pie-hole project LoTW rig and now host for AH2G   So I decided to add the Club’s analog feed to the web. This can be heard by going to: Thanks to Van (KM4KBS)  (I used his
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FlightAware Flight Cast

So I applied to become a Flight aware Flight cast member.   Why would I want to contribute this information you might ask? I want to be able to share plane data and see what planes are flying by.   Flight Aware sent me everything to get started. I am successfully tracking with others at:
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General Exam

So I successfully upgraded my Ham license on June 5 2018. However I have been busy and haven’t updated my site! I am excited and actually spent time on the radio listening and noticed I need to upgrade to Extra… its true …. you want general and get local and want to work DX get
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