Author: Shane

Raspberry PI LCD Screen

SO I have a 3.5″ LCD Screen that I got off of amazon however…I lost the CD That had an image that was old that had the drivers installed and the documentation said ONLY WORKS WITH THIS IMAGE…well I can get it to work on anything! thanks to the help of (


So I have been listening to Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson on TWIT’s Security NOW podcast….well I have to say its not just for geeks and nerds… everyone can benefit. I was on my last deployment and we had limited bandwidth…well thanks to Steve’s 64k hostings of the show I was able to enjoy the
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Future of

So next month (May 2018) I will be switching hosts from Hostgator to Hobohost mainly because Hostgator wants me to pay for a SSL Cert…why? Hobohost gives them for free! I will take that option and they are cheaper…while I have nothing bad to say about Hostgator (Well…the price and no SSL Certs…) but its
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TYT MD-390

So I had gotten the MD-390 for Xmas and it was a nice little radio but I saw my self carrying around 2 radios….So I opted to return it and get the TYT MD-2017. We will see how this one works out!


So I got my callsign today! KN4IAS and I will keep this callsign until I go to Guam and then I have the intentions of getting a new call in Guam. and keep it!

Amateur Radio

so I have decided to do something that my grandpa had challenged me to do before he passed away… he passed away last year but with my busy life I finally had a chance to take him on his offer.   I found a class in Chesapeake W4CAR. I am very excited to take this
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