Radio Reference AH2G Setup

So my Raspberry Pi 3 is quite busy… it is the following:

Main FT-8 / JT-65 rig
Pie-hole project
LoTW rig
and now host for AH2G


So I decided to add the Club’s analog feed to the web. This can be heard by going to:

Thanks to Van (KM4KBS)  (I used his settings on the Input and capture settings.) and Radioreference’s wiki page I was able to make this possible.

Below is a new updated version of the Radioreference page.

For This build I will be using:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Project Board – 1GB RAM – 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core CPU – 802.11n

Power Supply for Raspberry Pi

Memory Card for Raspberry Pi

Inexpensive USB sound card ($2.99)

1/8 inch audio cable to connect scanner to USB sound card

Install Raspbian OS

All testing and configuration was done using Raspbian

Follow the instructions here to install the OS on the memory card you purchased:

Install pre-reqs and update raspberry pi to latest version

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install git cmake build-essential lame
sudo apt-get install libmp3lame-dev libvorbis-dev libshout-dev libtwolame0 libtwolame-dev
sudo reboot

Configure the Sound Card

Plug your scanner’s headphone jack into the mic jack on the USB sound card dongle
Start alsamixer


press F6, choose the “USB Headphone Set” entry
press your tab key to select the “Capture” device volume control
use your “up arrow” key to adjust the level to it’s lowest level possible (6)
press escape to exist alsamixer
run the following command to save the volume settings

sudo alsactl store

Darkice Install and Configuration (Recommended)

download the precompiled version of darkice


uncompress the files

tar zxvf darkice_bcfy_v01.tar.gz

move the files to the proper places and make sure they are executable

sudo mv darkice /usr/bin
sudo mv darkice1 /etc/init.d
sudo mv darkice.cfg /etc/darkice1.cfg <— note the “1” in the /etc/darkice1.cfg you are copying to

Edit the /etc/darkice1.cfg file to match your settings, including the sound card you are using, your feed server, mount, password, and description, then exit and save the file

sudo nano /etc/darkice1.cfg

Enable the feed to start broadcasting at boot

sudo update-rc.d darkice1 defaults

Start your feed

sudo service darkice1 start



If for a reason you cannot get your feed to start…

  1. Stop the service..
    1. sudo service darkice1 stop
  2. Wait about 5 seconds..
  3. restart the service..
    1. sudo service darkice1 start



Again Thank you to Van KM4KBS and Radioreference for helping me get set up!

This can be heard by going to:



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