So I have been listening to Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson on TWIT’s Security NOW podcast….well I have to say its not just for geeks and nerds… everyone can benefit.

I was on my last deployment and we had limited bandwidth…well thanks to Steve’s 64k hostings of the show I was able to enjoy the podcast underway!

one epsisode talked about Ubiquiti’s Edge Router X (I think its the same episode that they talk about robocalls) I decited to buy one…hell for 50$ you can’t go wrong… this is the most robust and easy router I have ever used. It can do the same thing that 1000$ Routers can do…and more.

I love the fact that it holds the Vlans and the ability to split what vlan a machine is on based on what MAC appears.

I also have the Ubiquiti AC-Pro AC Access point.

I now run the controller on a Raspberry PI 3 that I have running around…. and couldn’t be happier (why spend 70$ on theirs when you can make your own for 35$)

I encourage you to check out the podcast (link on the right) and the Ubiquiti gear! You can’t go wrong… I will only use this from here on out!

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